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Pick of the Month: DIY Frames

I’m well aware of what it takes to have a painting beautifully matted and framed, but even so, it galls me sometimes when the cost of a frame rivals, or even surpasses, the cost of the artwork. And so I’ve been scouring antique shops and flea markets for frames that I can clean, refurbish, refinish, or paint. I also pulled out my mat cutter, bought decades (?) ago, and have taught myself to use it  (well YouTube taught me, actually).  I only mess up occasionally (Note to self: measure twice, cut once!). So I’ve spent the last couple of months fashioning custom frames for my little pears, attempting to give them a suitable send-off. There's something so satisfying about seeing your work set off in a clean white mat and a frame that has as much personality as the work itself.

Featured Work: "Alici" (Anchovies)

Alici, oil on canvas paper (12x8 in.)

Featured Works: Abstracts





On Point

On Point



Featured Works: Still Lifes (Pear Series)

Anatomy of an Oil Painting:"Lunch Break"

Lunch Break

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