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I studied Art History at Kenyon College and earned my Masters in Deaf Education from Penn State. Then I taught for 35 years. Along the way I began drawing in earnest, and studied under Phil Sylvester at The Drawing Studio in Portland, OR, for ten years. In 2013 I retired and started painting, for hours on end, in (relative) peace.


Early on especially, faces were what most intrigued me. I'm fascinated by faces and what lies beneath. I care about each subject, and I hope that that is evident in the end result. I want to give voice to the voiceless. I admit to being attracted to the beauty of people in pain.​

More Recently...

A few years ago, I turned my attention to abstracts, and specifically, to applying the "Cold Wax" technique in the creation of abstract paintings. Layer upon layer of cold wax and oil paint, added and removed, built up and scraped back over time, allows a piece to transform continuously until its final form emerges. I seek to capture the viewer's interest from across the room, and draw the eye close to observe the tiniest mutations of color and texture.

I've returned to creating portraits, now using oil and cold wax. I also have a renewed interest in drawing, and this year embarked upon a "girl series" in both drawing (graphite) and oil.

I live with my husband Toby in Brunswick, Maine, except when I'm living and working (that is, painting) in Italy. 

Jan Martin Art Studio
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