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Featured Work: "Breath" (SOLD)

Mixed Media on Cradled Board, 24 x 18 in.

This piece took a long time to develop -- and almost got painted over. Adding collage to the oil and the cold wax is what turned it around for me. All over my studio there is brightly colored tissue -- bits of paper that have become quite beautiful in and of themselves over time, from being rolled into paintings (to create texture) and then peeled off. Incorporating these helped bring to life my original conception, which was that of looking down as if from a plane onto a farm field at the patches of color. Gradually this evolved into all these bits of color, some of them minute, that look as if they've been exhaled onto the surface. Exhaled on a cold, and foggy day. Hence, "Breath".


Detail images (click on any for larger view)

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